HUsually, men do not prefer to wax their bodies as women, but nowadays we find men searching for removing the body hair. There are so many ways for this. Waxing is the best way. It seems to be that people are looking for body hair remove without waxing at this time.

Why do people prefer body hair remove without waxing?

People try to search for other ways because it hurts. Other than that; waxing costs a lot. It is a waste of time. Though you wax, you are unable to stop the body hair growth.


Therefore; people forget about hair removing. Do you know there are many ways to remove your hair without waxing?

Just check out the upcoming paragraphs!

Best body hair removal for men

One way is using a depilatory cream. It is totally painless, but you have to use it every. Another way is to use a pad. This is good for a small area. It doesn’t hurt at all, but you have to do it very slowly.

Nowadays more people use threading for eyebrows. Some find it hurting, but it lasts about a week. Better not to do it at home. Find a professional that he can do it smoothly. Using tweezers is another way. People do it at home. It takes time as you pluck few hairs at a time.

You can try sugaring or use an epilator. Both last longer. Sugaring may hurt, but some find epilator is hurt-less if you use it when bathing. You can do both on yourself. Furthermore, sugaring does not harm your body at all because it is natural.


The best way for a male is the laser. It costs, but permanent. You may have to do it about three to seven sessions. It hurts less than waxing. The hair does not fall at the same time. It takes about a week. You may use a sun cream for few days. You may only feel sun burning. Or you can use electrolysis. It is also doesn`t hurt, uses a radio rays and permanent too, but costs less.



There are numerous ways for body hair remove without waxing. Professionals say nothing is forever. Therefore it is better for you to touch up once a week. Also, you have to remember to meet your family doctor before you use the last two hair removing methods. Using rays on your body may be harmful. They might cause allergies. Therefore only the doctor knows what the best for your body is.